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Three fairs in one month

Leon Waltmans (Managing Director): “We have attended three fairs in the short timeframe of one month. People were able to visit us in New York, Rotterdam, and Chicago. These three fairs did cost us a tremendous amount of energy, because we have never had three consecutive fairs in such a short timeframe. But the result is great: it provides us with even more energy.”

“All three fairs had a great vibe and an even greater audience. The audience gave us a lot of compliments, but also some excellent feedback. That same feedback is one of the factors that provides us with this newfound energy. Energy to explore new ideas and come up with even more innovative products.”

“We place a lot of emphasis on our teamwork, which is the defining factor in our collective strength and how we foster creativity. This is the way we make positive contributions to peoples’ working environments. Fueling them with the same collective strength and creativity.”

“We are currently redesigning and developing our website and shop in order to deliver the best possible customer experience.”

It's all about team effort.


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