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Tascando – our sustainable bag

What, a new name? Not for our company, but for our new sustainable bags. Cascando is originally a Dutch brand. “Tas” is the Dutch word for bag. A nice word joke, but with an important message.


You can no longer imagine it in our society: sustainability. Companies and consumers are increasingly focusing on preserving our living environment. Everyone who is concerned with sustainability is right. It is important to take good care of our world.

We stopped throwing away products

During the production of our products we regularly keep fabrics, for example from the Kvadrat brand. Kvadrat fabric is a popular furniture fabric, known for quality and design. There are endless choices for fabrics and finishes, which gives us the opportunity to make the most beautiful products that last forever.

All the more reason not to throw away the remaining substances.

From plastic soup to sustainable carrier bags

Everyone uses a bag. If it is not to bring personal items such as wallet and telephone, then it is to transport the groceries from the supermarket. Previously, many bags were made of plastic. Fortunately, that mentality changes. Who doesn’t know them, the photos of the seas full of plastic. Harrowing, isn’t it?

The Tascando

We have instructed our designers to work with the remaining fabrics. And with special results: meet our Tascando.

The tire we used comes from the Pillow Wall.

Do you want such a unique bag?

Because we do not know in advance what our stock is, the Tascando is not offered as a product in our webshop. You can get it as a give-away at the fairs where you meet us. We are currently at Design District in the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam (Holland, 5-7 June) and June 10-12 you will find us in Chicago at the well-known NeoCon.

We act sustainable


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