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Hybrid office

In an era where uncertainty reigns, the value of a connected and adaptable workplace has never been higher. Businesses seek agile solutions that foster mobility, safety, and togetherness, envisioning offices as inviting clubhouses. Cascando rises to this challenge, partnering with interior designers and architects to reshape tomorrow’s inspiring office society.

Reshaping how we work
Hybrid work trends are not just a passing phase; they represent a fundamental shift in how we approach work. This shift is driven by a desire for balance, increased productivity, and adaptability. It’s about reimagining the traditional office and embracing a work model that values results over routines. Discover why our product series Patio, Pully and Pillow Space are wholeheartedly embracing these trends and how they are redefining the future of work for the better.

Rethinking the way we work
In the ever-evolving landscape of modern work, it’s not just about what we do but how we do it that matters. Hybrid work trends have ushered in a new era where flexibility, adaptability, and balance take center stage. It’s about reimagining the workplace, breaking free from rigid routines, and embracing a work model that prioritizes outcomes over the process. The “how” of work is no longer confined to traditional office walls; it extends to wherever productivity thrives.

PILLOW SPACE: Workspace privacy

Pillow Space, the award-winning mobile roomdivider designed by Robert Bronwasser. It’s your solution for more effective meetings, enhanced privacy, and seamless collaboration in hybrid work settings.

Versatile: Pillow Space offers unprecedented flexibility in space utilization. Whether you need a whiteboard, or a mobile screen holder for video conferences, Pillow Space adapts to your needs. The high-quality room divider also doubles as a brochure holder or a pinboard. With options for doors, storage space, planters, and shelf supports, it’s both functional and stylish, available in four heights and three widths.

Mobile: Workspace requirements change daily, and Pillow Space is ready to move with you. Its lightweight base with swivel casters makes it highly mobile, effortlessly adapting to various scenarios. Whether you need personal space or want to create distinct zones within a room, Pillow Space is quick, practical, and effective.

Acoustics: At Cascando, we prioritize design and functionality. Pillow Space offers over 200 unique fabric-color combinations, allowing you to personalize your workspace. Plus, it excels in reducing workplace noise, thanks to its special frame, acoustic padding, and fabric choices. It absorbs ambient noise and significantly reduces reverberation, contributing to a quieter and more satisfying work environment.

Pillow Space is not just a room divider; it’s a versatile tool that enhances your hybrid workspace’s privacy, functionality, and aesthetics.

PATIO: Award winning product

In the realm of hybrid work, Patio stands as a transformative tool that redefines workspaces. Imagine a dynamic three-dimensional wall system that seamlessly adapts to your needs. No more static walls or rigid structures; Patio is all about flexibility.

Patio Single: A mobile and functional solution, offers options like upholstered and acoustic panels, whiteboards, or video screens to enhance productivity. Available in various widths, it caters to individual preferences.

Patio Connect: With its fixed L-shape, Z-shape, U-shape, and T-shape elements, organizes open spaces. Its caster wheels allow effortless movement, adapting to the evolving demands of your workday.

Patio Fold: Provides quick solutions for huddle spaces, focus rooms, or scrum areas. These elements fold together, optimizing space usage and facilitating agile work.

Patio Double: Simplifies personal storage, featuring upholstered panels or whiteboards, all on caster wheels for easy maneuvering. Equipped with whiteboards, acoustic panels, bulletin boards and more, Patio becomes a productivity and organization hub.

Patio isn’t just furniture; it’s a catalyst for reshaping work. It ensures privacy in open spaces, fosters collaboration, and adapts to workspace changes, creating an environment where productivity, connectivity, and well-being thrive.

PULLY: Office landscapes for a modern workstyle

As businesses embrace hybrid work models, versatile and adaptable office furniture becomes essential. Cascando’s Pully series is a perfect fit for this evolving landscape. Pully offers a range of innovative solutions to enhance your hybrid work environment.

Interaction hubs: Pully Poufs, with their distinctive leather handles, offer mobility and functionality, creating productive workstations in communal areas like lounge spaces. Pully Hub tables, strategically placed in central zones, serve as interaction hubs for quick meetings and informal gatherings. Together, they form a dynamic combination that enhances workspace flexibility and encourages collaboration.

Dynamic meeting zones: Pully Islands provide adaptable seating arrangements, ideal for impromptu meetings and collaboration in open offices. Their diverse sizes and configurations seamlessly fit into any workspace layout, fostering spontaneous interactions. For more comfortable seating with a back rest integrate Pully Seat. Pully Islands and Pully Seat perfectly complement each other in the workspace. Together, they strike a balance between dynamic meeting spaces and comfortable seating in a hybrid work environment.

Efficient workspaces: Pully Side tables effortlessly transform seating into individual workstations. These slim, versatile tables can be positioned beside chairs or sofas, creating a convenient space for laptops and other work essentials.

Flexible meeting setups: Pully Pillars, the movable standing tables, allow for flexible meeting setups. They can be spaced appropriately to accommodate safe in-person standing meetings and discussions.

Active seatingPully bar stools promote active sitting, making them an excellent addition to standing desks or bar-height workstations. Their stylish design adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace.

Collaborative spaces: Embrace collaboration and creativity with the Pully Meet series, offering work and conference tables. Combine them with Pully Bench and Pully Stool to create a flexible, dynamic collaborative space.

By incorporating Pully into your hybrid work environment, you can create a flexible, adaptable, and inviting space that meets the needs of both remote and in-person collaboration, fostering productivity and well-being among your team members.


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