Story - 23 February '21

Empower with Pully

Informal cooperation, open consultation. Recognizable the same everywhere. Accessible. Pully empowers your entire working environment. Whether you’re sitting on the Pully Bench, trying to meet a deadline at the Pully Meet table or having an informal consultation on the magical Pully Poof, with the playful and friendly Pully interior family you always get the best out of yourself and others. The spatial boost you’re looking for.

New impulse

Employee trust in the workplace. That’s what it’s all about. Especially now that we can look forward to a postponed reunion with colleagues. We have good news. The well-known Pully series has been expanded to include seating, tables and work islands that further enhance spontaneity in the workplace, create informal consultation areas and enable flexible use of space. At a distance if necessary, close by if possible.

Pully Bench

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Pully Meet

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Pully Pouf

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Pully Island

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Pully Side

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Pully Pillar

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Pully Stool

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Pully Hub

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