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Sit down. Soft, stylish, multifunctional.

Whether you choose Team, Pully, Pillow or Bond, with the chairs, armchairs, sofas and benches from Cascando you create progressive seating solutions in any space. Original, high-quality and durable. For connecting and zoning open work environments or improving the traditional use of space in office buildings. Because sitting can be better. Smarter. More fun. More comfortable. Welcome to the agile seating solutions of Cascando.

The world of work is changing rapidly. We work more at home, differently. Mobile phone on, laptop unfolded, ready for Teams or Zoom. We choose what we do and where we do it. We bring these fluid working dynamics to the office and make new demands on the design of the space. We want to work, meet and collaborate everywhere, formally and informally. Preferably with the comfort that we experience at home. Anchoring these fluid work dynamics in the work environment requires thinking outside the box. Especially now that the office is increasingly degenerating into a clubhouse. Cascando helps you arrange that inviting, social environment. Especially with something as important as seating systems. Even if you prefer to stand.

Good seating is half the battle

Is 'sitting' an essential element of a positive, forward-looking corporate culture? It may sound a little strange to you, but the quality of the seating elements in lobbies, waiting rooms and workstations co-determines the way in which employees, visitors or customers experience an organisation or corporate identity. Good, comfortable seating systems also strengthen the social centre function of working environments. It increases employee involvement and loyalty. Very relevant now that millions of people are preparing to return to the office. They look forward to social interaction, see their work as a meeting place, but also want to continue the free working comfort they enjoy at home or in a café.

Good seating, modular design, integrated connections. These are challenges for architects, interior designers and stylists who have to redesign existing spaces or work on new, sustainable furnishing visions. Because how do you do that? How do you stimulate cooperation, relationships and social contact with flexible seating and interior elements when tomorrow everything can be different?

Creating diversity

Cascando has a good answer, one that is proving itself in the organizational practice of high-profile companies: agile seating solutions. These are multifunctional seating systems that allow you to quickly and effectively respond to change and bring diversity into the work environment. Mix, don't match.

Cascando seating elements are original, high-quality and offer pleasant sitting comfort. But there is another important product characteristic: they are available as freestanding elements or can be arranged in the space as a combination system. Modular, in other words. This flexibility has everything to do with our design vision: with our seating elements, we want to ensure that you are always sitting comfortably when you are arranging the work environment. Alone or together, with or without social distance, in a lobby, at your workplace or in an overflow area between departments. This places high demands on design, materials and manufacturing. Also because in modern offices the use of space changes and seating has to function in very different working environments.

Better Seating? Make your interior flexible with agile seating solutions from Cascando. Much-needed flexibility that simplifies work and increases pleasure. Whether you're modernising an existing interior or adding the right seating element to a completely new design, with Cascando you're sure to get it. You will sit better in a chair or armchair from the beautiful TEAM collection or with colleagues on a five-seater from the softly lined Bond series. Extra cachet, more effective use of space, stronger relationships between employees of different teams. This is how Cascando seating elements contribute to the quality of work. Every day again.

Cascando seating elements are stylish, high-quality and enhance the use of space.

Stylish eye-catchers on every work floor

Sitting high, sitting low, relaxing after a long video conference or finding a comfortable spot to confer with a colleague. Whatever your seating needs, Cascando's multifunctional seating elements offer you all the functions you need to integrate agile working sustainably into your work environment. Free-standing, as an informal seating area, or as linked seating elements that invite interaction or a moment of rest anywhere in the office.

Are you looking for stylish eye-catchers that bring extra office functions to the work floor? Choose the luxurious Team BSM seating elements or design your own dynamic seating system with Pully Pouf around inviting Pully Islands. Modern seating elements that allow work, meeting and relaxation to flow together. Do you want to stimulate inventive use of space and privacy? Improve your working environment with the high-quality mobile space dividers Trunk, Round20 and Pillow Space and create a multifunctional office within an office. It is a category for which Cascando has been developing award-winning products for over 25 years. The security you're looking for.

Every chair, bench or bench that we design at Cascando should make work a little more awesome.

Making work worlds agile

Lounges, informal meeting areas, an accessible lunch area or a co-creative workstation between meetings: the boundaries between previously separate spatial functions in the work environment are blurring. Working apart together is the motto. People actively seek each other out, want to connect freely, choose their own moment of silence in privacy rooms, only to derive satisfaction from a brainstorming session in a group.

Cascando seating elements are striking landmarks in that dynamic office landscape, bringing calm and comfort and giving everyone space. Every day, whatever the activity. Our Bond chairs, Team benches and Pully benches play an important role in the continuous connection of various spatial functions in dynamic working environments. We take agile working further. With each other and for each other. Thanks to great seating, high-quality mobile room dividers and innovative acoustic solutions. We make workplaces agile and enable people to get the most out of themselves and others. In a social, inspiring and people-oriented work environment where everyone likes to be.

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