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Undisturbed performance. Together. Alone.

In a modern, open-plan workspace, you also want to experience privacy and quiet. The award-winning privacy solutions and acoustic panels from the Pillow family, Round20 collection and Trunk series ensure that. They are high-touch privacy & acoustic solutions that soundproof floors, tables, walls and ceilings and personalise shared space. Real, tangible progress. Often modular, usually mobile and always elegant.

Open-plan designs in offices are as popular as ever. And rightly so. They not only embody new ideals of equality and transparency, but also aim to stimulate active cooperation between people. This makes sense. Because the work you do has an increasingly digital orientation and is no longer bound to fixed workplaces.

Inclusive work processes in teams therefore move throughout the organisation. Everyone participates. These open, horizontal collaborations reinforce the need for privacy and audio-positive workspaces*. It makes it imperative that architects, decorators and stylists pay more attention to integrating interior solutions that take silence requests and personal workspaces seriously. Activity-driven, because we work everywhere but have a different agenda every day.

Acoustic interior panels and mobile room dividers dampen ambient noise, offer more privacy, make work functions more flexible and thus facilitate changing office dynamics. Want to (re)design the entire floor plan in one go? Cascando is happy to introduce you to its high-touch privacy & acoustic solutions: an arsenal of multifunctional privacy products that effectively support you in your design efforts. Because sincere attention to personal workspaces and acoustics make working more pleasant, for everyone.
Doing more with less: flexible privacy solutions and acoustic space enhancers make your design plans activity based.

Reinforcing the ideal balance between informal and formal workspaces with inventive privacy products and stylish acoustic solutions

Making space use resilient

Which acoustic solutions fit into the design plan? Which privacy products enhance the personal experience of space? And in what ideal composition? Balancing the demand for space and the available supply is a puzzle. It means being inventive, cleverly shifting spatial functions, looking for the best way to achieve a sustainable effect for employees, customers and suppliers with minimal interventions. This requires imagination, quality awareness and decisiveness of partners, but it also requires high-quality interior products that offer organisations flexibility and make them resilient.

We like to take on that challenge. And with proven success. Cascando designs award-winning interior products that improve privacy, zoning and sound management in the workplace - especially in open plan offices. They are proven solutions that seamlessly blend form and function and actively contribute to the sustainable enhancement of the working environment. Lightweight, made of exquisite materials and easy to move. Handy for continuously rearranging spatial functions: from group space to private hubs or from your personal hot desk to a team brainstorm via Zoom. Always adaptive.

Privacy and comfort in open spaces

With Trunk, Pillow and Round20 you can change your office floor plan when and where you need it. Great designs that make your work and your schedule mobile, with acoustic panels that help regulate the sounds of the ringtone circus on the shop floor. More zoning on tables? Pillow Grid and Pillow Desk let you work together separately at each table. A mobile wall to which you can link countless useful functions? Pillow Space and Trunk are mobile room dividers that improve your acoustics. Mobile whiteboards that move with the agenda of the day? Round20 makes brainstorming and meeting sessions more effective. Your own mini-cubicle where you can concentrate? With Team SPS and Team BSM, you create privacy and comfort in open spaces.

Cascando helps you to create zones of use and regulate disruptive office noise. In open plan offices, defined workspaces or dynamic collective offices. With proven privacy products and acoustical space enhancers that not only add cachet to any workspace, but also actually contribute to the quality of work, interactions and engagement. The ultimate foundation for employee satisfaction and trust. Profit growth.

Cascando evolves. With each privacy product and each acoustic space enhancer, we make working a little more fun. Every day.

Taking your furnishing idea to a higher level

The fact that with Cascando we play a leading role in developing interior products that improve acoustics and privacy also creates an obligation. Of course, we want to continue to lead the way. That's why we invest in quality management at every level. What does that mean? That with Pillow, Trunk, Round20 and Team we keep trying to exceed your wildest expectations. In terms of form, function, material, technology and fabric choices. With new, sustainable products that make working great. In this way, our own evolution takes your furnishing ideas to the next level, a development from which every room benefits. In a work environment that perfectly reflects how people think about work, relationships and the ideal workplace if they have a bad night's sleep. Personal like home, effective like a Swiss army knife.

*Audio positive design.

Audio positive design is a term used by Cascando to improve the acoustic quality of a workspace.

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