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Design by Robert Bronwasser

Pillow Wall | acoustic panels

Embrace relaxation, increase privacy, improve acoustics. Pillow Wall turns walls into dynamic information centres. Tactile, inviting and extremely functional.

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The extensive Pillow collection consists of attractive room dividers and panels for walls and for tables. Perfect for connecting workstations in open-plan workplaces, they are also ideal as magical interior elements in lobbies or waiting rooms.


Pillow Wall makes every wall a meeting point and encourages you to think beyond physical boundaries. The iconic foam panels embrace the workplace, giving you handy storage and presentation functions and improving acoustics. Other good news is that you can choose from countless shapes, elements, colours and fabric qualities. This is how we make changing open spaces extra personal. Because every room is unique.


Hanging up coats, storing magazines, writing down ideas on a whiteboard or a postcard from a colleague. Pillow Wall makes it all possible. By including handy extra functions in the design, Pillow Wall panels are true multitaskers. Everything can be given a place on the wall, in different sizes, fabrics and colours. Each wall thus becomes an open information centre. The wall disappears.


Ringtones, echoing conversations, the sound of heels on a hard floor. Pillow Wall is the ultimate solution for the acoustic design of open spaces. The damping effect of the Pillow Wall panels on the wall reduces disturbing sound reflections and contributes to relaxed working pleasure. Less stress, more interaction. The panels can be placed next to each other or separated and are available in two variants: standard (NRC = 0.65) and premium (NRC = 0.95). Accessories can only be combined with the standard version.


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