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Pillow Space wardrobe

More effective meetings, better privacy, working apart together. Pillow Space makes it possible.

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The award-winning room divider

Hold meetings more effectively, improve privacy, stimulate working apart together. Pillow Space makes it possible: the mobile space divider that allows you to create safe, multifunctional work areas in no time at all. Flexibility. For yourself, for others. Where and when you want it. In the way that suits you.


Our versatile Pillow Space dividers make the use of space more flexible than ever. Pillow Space can be fitted out as a wardrobe, equipped as a whiteboard and used as a mobile screen holder for video conferences. The panels of this high-quality room divider are also ideal brochure holders and can be fitted with a door, storage space, planter, shelf supports and a pin board. Handy, stylish and durable. Choose between four heights and three widths.


Space can change every day. Whatever your furnishing needs, Pillow Space moves flexibly with you. Thanks to its lightweight base with swivel castors, this room divider is a mobile all-rounder that adapts to any use. Perfect for creating personal space, great for zoning group functions in a room. Quick, practical and effective.


Reducing noise at the workplace is a challenge in many offices. Pillow Space dampens ambient noise. Thanks to its special frame, the synthetic filling and the use of fabrics, the room divider absorbs ambient noise and reduces reverberation (a = 0.xx). Pillow Space can also be fitted with additional absorbent wool (a = 0.xx). Clever additions that increase the quality of the workplace and further enhance job satisfaction.


Good, well thought-out products are brought to life by beautiful fabrics and colours. Cascando is known for this. We have an eye for detail and live the finishing touch. It will therefore not surprise you that Pillow Space lets you choose from more than 200 unique fabric-colour combinations. That’s how we make the workplace personal. Any ideas about what colour to choose?


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