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Our seating elements, your wishes

Crematorium Usselo is the largest crematorium in the Netherlands. It is located in Enschede. Many crematoriums are often labeled old so Crematorium Usselo wants to make the difference: “a fresh, modern crematorium that perfectly meets the wishes and requirements of relatives in this time.”

The existing building will remain intact. The existing spaces become lighter and more open due to new glass fronts. Where possible, the spaces are made more spacious. There will be a terrace and two professional catering kitchens. But above all: the interior is undergoing a metamorphosis. All spaces get their own color scheme: quiet with natural colors. This makes it pleasant to stay in the rooms

Our Team series is a perfect addition to the wishes of Crematorium Usselo. The series consists of several products: benches in different sizes (to be configured yourself), with or without a back loan, an ottoman, but also additional elements such as sockets and panels. You can also determine the fabrics and colors yourself. We ensure the functionality and quality, you determine the implementation. In this case, Crematorium Usselo has opted for a mix between dark and light, in keeping with the rest of the interior. When the last renovations have been done you can go to a beautiful crematorium in Enschede in September 2019 that meets the needs of today’s relatives.

In collaboration with: BCT Architecten, Boerhof Projectinrichters and Crematorium Usselo.


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