Peter van de Water for Cascando

Introducing Kendo and Fuse. Coat stands that catch the aesthetic eye.

Inspiration is not a liniear proces, the beginning is always a bit messy. It is trail and error, you just have to work really hard for it, together. Where does Peter get his inspiration and from what idea are Kendo and Fuse designed?

‘Kendo has a simple concept, but is developed to a high standard product in design, composition, material, detailling and craftmanship’ says Peter van de Water. This resulted in an iconic  coatstand with a simple starting point: carefully crafted oak sticks that are beautifully arranged at an expressive angle, each side in symmetry. The refined connection between the rods shows the greatest attention to detail.

Fuse required a different approach. Peter opted for the perfect merging of two materials, steel and oak. Beautifully crafted uprights in oak with carefully rounded coat hooks in steel. This made Fuse an intriguing and elegant coat stand, with a sturdy look.

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