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With Trunk, you create a working world that offers everything you need to excel. Mix, don't match, move along with people and the changing use of space.

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The multi-purpose room divider

With Trunk, you create a working world that offers everything you need to excel. Mix, don’t match, move along with people and the changing use of space. Everything fits in, on and around the Trunk; an all-rounder. The mobile space divider series offers plenty of room for memos, magazines and jackets. And with the beautiful whiteboard or LCD version, every video meeting and presentation becomes something special.


Trunk is a generous room divider that gives the workspace something extra. Unprecedentedly stylish, with the recognisable wedge shape, easy to apply in your interior thanks to a multitude of versions and material choices. Need a whiteboard, screen support or room divider in different widths? Trunk is available in small, medium and wide. Ideal if you are looking for a very personal, mobile solution to make better use of space or quickly create a feeling of privacy.


The power of a good interior product lies in the ultimate connection between form and function. Trunk embodies that idea in optima forma. It makes working with Trunk great, a mobile space partner that you configure as you wish. Always mobile, quickly moved thanks to its lightweight construction and handy castors. This way Trunk moves with the work. Where and when it is needed.


We don’t boast about it, but it is our standard: every Trunk makes a positive contribution to noise reduction in the workplace. How? Thanks to a special construction and the use of smart, damping materials. We even have a premium version with sound-absorbing sheep’s wool (a = 0.xx). This not only improves efficiency, but also ensures that everyone understands each other better. Precious audio privacy at your workplace. That’s how you keep successful people successful.


Every Trunk lasts a long time. It is an important advantage. The quality materials and the innovative construction of Trunk guarantee you a long life – even with intensive use. Furthermore, thanks to our partnerships with prominent fabric suppliers, you can choose from a wide variety of fabric qualities and colours. The trend colour of 2022 or a colour that fits your brand identity? Trunk offers it all.


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