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Pillow Space Magazine

Pillow Space is a series of acoustic space dividers with an

unprecedented performance. They provide visual privacy, sound absorption and a high level of functionality to any open space. Standard or premium acoustic wool guarantees optimal sound absorption in any situation.

Brochure holders can be mounted on the outside of the Pillow Space. The magazines can be changed any moment, tuned to trends.

4 - 6 weeks
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The Pillow Space room dividers offer a range of integrated display and storage possibilities. Additionally, the fabric panels are sound absorbing. Magazine holders, shelves and LCD displays, everything is possible. Stability and mobility are ensured by large casters with brakes. Several heights and widths are available.

Sound absorption

The damping effect of Pillow Space reduces disturbing sound reflections and contributes to relaxed working pleasure. Less stress, more interaction. The panels are mobile and can be placed anywhere, anytime. Available in two variants: standard (NRC = 0.65) and premium (NRC = 0.95). Accessories can only be combined with the standard version.


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