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Round20 Single

The wood version of the Round20 series is a beautiful lined coat rack with room for hooks and hangers. It can also be combined with all the other accessories available in the Round20 series. The wooden frame comes in natural oak, black or white. The frames are available in several widths and can also be joined together.

2 - 4 weeks
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The timeless room divider

Room dividers, whiteboards and accessories from the extensive Round20 series are recognisable by their award-winning design simplicity. Timeless functionality, conceived and created to help people excel. On the wall, as a large whiteboard, on the floor as acoustic mobile screens to quickly create an office within an office. Practical, effective and sustainable. Always focused on improving features that make workspaces and their use more enjoyable.


Just as a department or team is a composite family, so is Round20. Each product in the series has a connecting resemblance that strengthens cohesion. It is an inspiring basis for a positive workplace experience. The enamelled steel whiteboard fits in perfectly with the mobile room dividers. With or without noise-reducing panels, wardrobe functions, brochure holders or pin boards. Natural oak, black or white? That is up to you.


More emphasis on acoustic quality in the working environment? Round20 contributes to the reduction of ambient noise in the workspace. The standard construction and fabric panels of our mobile room dividers contain noise-reducing materials (a = 0.xx) that dampen disturbing peak noise. Whisper quiet? That is also possible. Cascando is developing a special premium series of Round20 room dividers where the panels achieve a noise protection of no less than a = 0.xx.


Round20 changes with the agenda of the day. Whether for presentations, video conferences or a quick brainstorm with management, the mobile room dividers allow you to create the ideal office layout in minutes. Round20 is available in various widths, from 40 to 160 cm. With additional elements, the width can be further increased. Naturally, the Round20 series whiteboards can be fitted with magnets for steel walls and completed with a magnetic felt pocket for storing markers. A flipchart holder, erasers, markers and magnets complete the design.


Variety. Durability. Flexibility. That is what you want. As a designer, architect and furnishing expert. This is what we take into account when selecting fabrics and materials. Whether you want a natural finish, white lacquer or black lacquer, a steel or aluminium mobile base with oak, with Round20 you can count on top quality. Designed with the quality of the work environment in mind, assembled with an eye for detail.


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