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Cascando HQ is our home.

Happiness at work can move mountains. Trust is its sustainable gasoline, empowering feelings of true beloning. As a person, as an employee, or as a guest. At Cascando HQ we like to prove that vision. In inviting office worlds that empower people to interact in functional and inspirational spaces. A true addition to their way of work.

Co-creative spaces, an intimate design centre, a sustainable warehouse, and a coffee corner where you can enjoy a tasty espresso or latte. And know this: you can even charge you electric car using our solar panels. For free. That is Cascando HQ, a vibrant design centre near Arnhem where you can enjoy the complementing effect of our designs yourself.

Whatever spatial and interior functionalities you seek, the Cascando portfolio will allow you to easily complete your spatial design. Our interior collection is beneficiary to your world of work, making sure the office character, culture or identity you seek is enriched in all the right ways.

We complement change. By design. It’s a characteristic you’ll recognize in every Cascando product, one that stems from our holistic view on what great design should add to your bigger picture. Always maximizing the use of space, and the productivity and well-being of people. With high-quality seating elements, acoustic privacy solutions and original interior accessories that excite imagination. Innovative, authentic and comfortable.


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