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Introducing Bond.

Feeling good. Enjoying comfort and privacy. Bond is a better way to experience togetherness. Take a seat. Choose your place. Feel the quality. Bond offers a generous range of seating solutions that encourages connection: at the workplace, in the office environment and with each other. The basis for trust, performance and satisfaction, in a positive atmosphere of progress.

Introducing Bond

Empower with Pully.

Informal cooperation, open consultation. Recognisably the same everywhere. Accessible. Pully empowers your entire working environment. Whether you’re sitting on the Pully Bench, trying to meet a deadline at the Pully Meet table or having an informal consultation on the magical Pully Poof, with the playful and friendly Pully interior family you always get the best out of yourself and others. The spatial boost you’re looking for.

Empower with Pully

Cascando Work Safe Collection.

Office design right now is about shaping social distance and avoiding close contact. You need to prepare for a seriously different use of office space and protocolize strict routines.

At the same time, you want to respect and empower the existing office design. You want to ensure the workplace stays attractive and allows people to enjoy ‘working apart together’. All to secure a healthy working environment people trust and appreciate.

Cascando Work Safe Collection


Bond as centerpiece at the new headquarters of AOP Orphan Vienna

Welcome to the brand new headquarters of AOP Orphan Vienna. Last July the company moved to a new building with over 4.500 m2 of state-of-the-art, innovative office space. The project An office build..

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Energizing the Wien Energie workforce with Rombo Planters

With the opening of the new Wien Energie HQ in Vienna, about 2,500 employees will be empowered by new and bright office landscapes of Schenker Salvi Weber. A comprehensive workspace refit with a fine ..

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Pole position at the IOC’s Olympic House

What do you do when you enter the iconic Olympic House of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne during a snowstorm? Exactly! You immediately hang your snow-covered coat to dry on one of the ..

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Pillow Space for Oktra

Welcome to a world in progress. In the heart of London. Open space, connected via a colourful spatial plan. With Cascando Pillow Space as a friendly, tactile and mobile wall that isn't a wall at all. ..

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Our Brand.

Cascando is a Dutch design company. We create, design and manufacture high quality interior products. We’re always focused on people and their happiness at work. It’s because we simply want work to be great.

Our Brand


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